Our EB

Medha Agarwal

- Local Committee President 2012-2013

- I joined AIESEC just to go abroad. Instead, I received a global network of?friends, professional development, a leadership experience like no other, and a chance to travel abroad to make a positive impact! Give your?100% to AIESEC; it will surprise you!

Kale Law

- Vice President Business Development 2012-2013

- I joined AIESEC to develop myself and learn how business connects to youth. Not only do I want to develop myself as a leader, but also help others with their exchange experience and train them with the knowledge I have gained.

Ross Dickson

- Vice President Communications 2012-2013

- I joined AIESEC to improve people’s quality of life by applying my knowledge in the business world and beyond.

Amanda Au,

- Vice President Finance 2012-2013

- I joined AIESEC to share my passion for helping people in many different ways, and to develop myself in understanding diversity among people.

Aysha Sonna

- Vice President Outgoing Exchange 2012-2013, Scarborough Campus

- I joined AIESEC to go on an internship and for leadership development (and for the amazing AIESECers).

Brina McMillan,

- Vice President Outgoing Exchange 2012-2013, St George Campus

- I joined AIESEC to meet other like-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to dream big and want to make an impact in this world.

Louis Yee

- Vice President Campus Development 2012-2013

- I joined AIESEC to discover myself and meet extraordinary people that will keep pushing me to do better.

Aigerim Malataeva,

- Vice President Public Relations 2012-2013

- Joining AIESEC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I came to the infosession for the volunteering experience, but ended up joining the organization for more than just that: because of the amazing people that still inspire me today to take up new opportunities; because I can challenge myself and succeed; and because of the people I can inspire to do the same.

Daniel Wang

- Vice President Talent Management 2012-2013

- I joined aiesec because I wanted to put what i learned into practice, and to go on an exchange.