Jabeen Aslam

- Manager, MBA Program, Ryerson University

- AIESEC offers companies innovative HR solutions which value globally-minded, value-driven employees. AIESEC offers students an intense learning environment. It’s much more than management and leadership development. It’s a place where young people learn about themselves and how they can make a difference—big or small, local or global.

Neil Jain

- MoneyLifeSkills

- AIESEC is an integral part of communities around the world. Student members develop leadership skills, organizations benefit from highly skilled talent, and its strong network keeps alumni actively involved.

Irena Kahn

- Procter and Gamble

- AIESEC enables students to apply classroom theories to the real world and develop important skills like sales training, motivating and managing a team, and leadership while still in university. Companies who hire AIESECers benefit because they are hiring motivated global thinkers who have a proven track record of sales capabilities, motivating and managing a team, and leadership skills.

Randy Tyrrell

- Toronto Greenhouse

- AIESEC provides unique opportunities for both students and companies to have new cultural and business experiences.

Poria Kanozi

- AEGON Canada

- AIESEC allows students an opportunity to be international leaders. It gives students a platform to network, take charge, and grow as leaders, while providing top international talent to local companies.